The Organization

The Curriculum and Pedagogy group works to create and foster a democratic space in which diverse individuals seeking academic enrichment and professional engagement commit to educational reform and social change. A decision-making Town Hall is held at the annual conference. All members of the organization are invited to participate in a modified consensus process to determine the work of the organization. A member is any person who has attended a conference in the last three years. Between conferences, the work of the organization is directed by the Governance Council.

The Governing Council

The Governance Council consists of 12 members each serving a three-year term and representing the diversity of the membership. Those present at the annual conference elect four new members to the council to replace the four whose term is ending. The Council establishes procedures and guidelines for conducting its business consistent with the philosophy of the organization. However, any policy and procedure are subject to review and revision by the membership at the Annual Meeting, which as a body of the whole, is the sole and final decision-making body of this organization.


Officers and Committee Members

The Council Structure

The Council will be composed of twelve members elected from the membership. See specific Council roles and Committees below. The Council has four specific roles: Chair, Chair-Elect, Treasurer, and Registrar. The Council is made up of five areas: Conference, Outreach, Fellowship, Nominations, and Publications.

Council Officers

Council Co-Chairs

  • Freyca Calderon & Jake Burdick

Council Chair-Elect

  • Erik Malewski

Council Treasurer

  • Karin Lewis

Conference Registrar

  • Brandon Bush

Council Committees

Program Committee

  • Freyca Calderon  & Jake Burdick (Co-Chairs)
  • Miryam Espinosa-Dulanto
  • Jairo Funez

Site Committee

  • Freyca Calderon & Sam Tanner(Co-Chairs)
  • Karla O’Donald
  • Ana Díaz Beltran

Publications Committee

  • Miryam Espinosa-Dulanto (chair)
  • Jairo Funez
  • Christen García
  • Ana Carolina Díaz Beltran
  • Michelle Angelo Dantas Rocha

Membership Committee

  • Brandon Bush(chair)
  • Karla O’Donald

Communications Committee

  • Vonzell Agosto (chair)
  • Indira Bailey
  • Yang Deng (Gen membership)

Nominations Committee

  • Karla O’Donald (chair)
  • Brandon Bush

Awards Committee

  • Jairo Funez (chair)
  • Erik Malewski
  • Ana Carolina Díaz Beltran

Mentoring Committee

  • Christen García & Michelle Angelo Dantas Rocha (co-chairs)
  • Jake Burdick

Ad-hoc Committee

  • Miryam Espinosa-Dulanto (chair)
  • Erik Malewski
  • Indira Bailey
  • Jake Burdick
  • Freyca Calderon


We seek to create a space in which to advance the ideals of progressive curriculum and democratic leadership in education through dialogue and action.