24rd Annual Conference: October 18 – 20, 2023 


Information Coming Soon! 

Hybrid option is available

Conference Proposal Information

We invite proposals that:

  • Fit our conference and organizational focus, or extend our field of vision, in ways we have not yet considered or anticipated.
  • Explore our challenge power, privilege and supremacy embedded in curriculum and pedagogy policies and schooling practices.
  • Use the arts to engage with and extend curriculum and pedagogy, especially in relationship with issues in power, privilege, social justice, and democracy.
  • Draw from such topics as race and knowledge production, curriculum and the nation, race and the academy, and/or colonization and schooling particularly in relation to the violent impact of racism on the lives of people of color
  • Theorize, analyze, dream, problematize, deconstruct, and/or challenge the pervading hetero patriarchal white supremacy of the field and how it manifests in the field of curriculum studies.
  • Engage with critical race, anti racist, decolonizing, anti colonial, post global, anti globalization, border thinking, epistemic borders, and/or indigenous scholarship.
  • Share ideas and efforts for action and change in local settings, particularly in the presenter’s locality.
  • Present research findings on reform efforts, particularly focus on a local context
  • Analyze or critique situations or contexts to focus needed efforts for change.

Proposal Submission Must Include

  • Title of proposal
  • Proposal Abstract– Up to 100 words*
  • Keywords– 3 to 5 keywords summarizing the focus of the content of your proposal
  • Sentence– A 1-sentence summary of the focus of the content of your proposal
  • Proposals– 350-500 words: single paper,, art exhibition or performance, book talk OR 1300 -1800 words: symposia, panel, workshop
  • First Author– Name, affiliation, email
  • Additional Authors– Name, affiliation, email
  • Presentation type– Individual Paper, Symposium, Book Talk, Workshop/Public Action, Art Exhibition, Performance

Note: No more than three presentations for leading author.


We seek to create a space in which to advance the ideals of progressive curriculum and democratic leadership in education through dialogue and action.