The Council Structure

The Council will be composed of twelve members elected from the membership. See specific Council roles and Committees below. The Council has four specific roles: Chair, Chair-Elect, Treasurer, and Registrar. The Council is made up of five committees: Conference, Outreach, Fellowship, Nominations, and Publications.

Council Officers

Council Co-Chairs

  • Freyca Calderon & Jake Burdick

Council Chair-Elect

  • Erik Malewski

Council Treasurer

  • Karin Lewis

Conference Registrar

  • Brandon Bush

The Conference Committee

Program Committee

  • Freyca Calderon & Jake Burdick (Program Committee Co-chairs)
  • Miryam Espinosa-Dulanto
  • Jairo Funez

Site Committee

  • Freyca Calderon & Sam Tanner (Site Committee Co-chairs)
  • Karla O’Donald
  • Ana Carolina Diaz Beltran

The Outreach Committee

Membership Committee

  • Brandon Bush (Registrar/ Committee Chair)
  • Karla O’Donald

Communications Committee

  • Vonzell Agosto (Communications Committee Chair)
  • Indira Bailey
  • Yang Deng (General Membership)

The Fellowship Committee

Awards Committee

  • Karin Lewis (Treasurer/ Committee Chair)
  • Erik Malewski
  • Christen Sperry García


Mentoring Committee

  • Christen Garcia
  • Michelle Angelo Dantas Rocha
  • Jake Burdick 

Nominations Committee

  • Karla O’Donald (Committee Chair)
  • Brandon Bush

Publications Committee

  • Miryam Espinosa-Dulanto (Committee chair)
  • Jairo Fúnez-Flores


  • Ana Carolina Diaz Beltran
  • Michelle Angelo Dantas Rocha

Journal JCP Editors (Ex-officio members)

  • Erin Miller
  • Sam Tanner

Book Editors

  • Christen Garcia
  • Indira Bailey
  • Leslie Sotomayor

Council Ad-hoc Committee

Mission/Vision Statement & Bylaws Committee

  • Miryam Espinosa-Dulanto(Committee Chair)
  • Erik Malewski
  • Indira Bailey
  • Jake Burdick
  • Freyca Calderon


Committee Reports


We seek to create a space in which to advance the ideals of progressive curriculum and democratic leadership in education through dialogue and action.